Web Design and Development

iBloom Studios is a web design and web development studio based in Rhode Island. We focus on designing with web standards in mind, using XHTML and CSS. This method of website design translates into better search engine ranking, reduced maintenance time, and increased website accessibility. This will allow your website to reach more people now, and in the future of the progressively evolving world wide web. To find out more about web accessibility and how it can benefit you, please read the Introduction to Web Accessibility article written by the W3C.

On the web development side, we specialize in open source web development solutions such as PHP and MySQL. We chose open source solutions for their proven stability, scalability and cost effectiveness. To find out more about PHP, and its advantages over other web development languages such as ASP.net, please read PHP and ASP.NET Go Head-to-Head. We encourage you to learn more about our web development services or contact us for more information.

Whether you need a completely new web design from scratch, a redesign or refining of your current website design, iBloom Studios can help. We can run accessibility and usability tests on your current website to determine possible problem areas, and update those areas accordingly.

If you would like to learn more about what iBloom Studios can do for you, please view our web design services here. Also, you are welcome to contact us, and we will write you back within 24 hours.